The flow of clean air in a Russian airport.

Modern antibacterial air purifiers Potok are operating now in the international Nizhny Novgorod airport ‘Strigino’. They are capable of destroying germs in large area rooms.

The power of installed purifiers is 890 m3/h. This is an effective equipment capable of disinfecting air in airport halls. – says Alexander Krasnov, the head of the Potok research and production company.

The air circulates while being disinfected by UV radiation in a closed chamber , which makes it totally safe for humans, and the system can be controlled remotely via a mobile app.

The airport is equipped with 7 air purifiers installed in the most crowded areas. – says Eduard Koshenskov, the executive director of Strigino Airport PSC. – Besides, we have agreed on further cooperation and promote development and implementation of baggage disinfecting equipment.